All Items Are 100% Authentic

Having Cards Graded


 Card collecting is in demand more than ever before. With this boom having cards graded in hopes of increasing the value has become normal practice. Let’s talk about having cards graded.

 In my experience of card collecting, I only have experience with one authentication service which is Beckett. Beckett Grading Service uses a 1-to-10-point grading scale including half points like 9.5. Cards graded by Beckett will come with premium-colored labels. A gold label on front of the card signifies the highest graded cards 8.5-9. Silver signifies grades 8.5-9. A white label is for grades lower than 8.5.   


 Cards graded by Beckett will have a report card providing specific grade details so you will know why your card received it's grade. Cards are graded on centering, corners, edges, and surface. These grades will appear on the back of the Beckett Grading Service cardholder. Cards produced before 1980 will not come with a report card.

 Your card will come with a serial number, which you can look up in the Beckett archives. Also, all cards graded by Beckett comes in a crystal clear slab that makes the card easy to views that protects the card. If the card possesses an autograph, Beckett with verify its authenticity. The autograph will also be graded.